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"YES" is one of the most powerful words in the English language. Consider this, what if everything that happens to you already got a "YES"?

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Tweets and Sour Moods

“Two years of Twitter posts prove pithy for social scientists.  One discovery:  We wake up chirpy, then get grumpy.” The Los Angeles Times Newspaper had an article this past week about Twitter and moods.  It was a fascinating article about a study by Cornell University, that researched for two years about the patterns of human […]

The Power of Saying “Yes”

One of our bloggers sent us Gossip Girl Season Five, “Yes Then Zero” to tie into YES.    All they are really doing is saying that yes is a state of mind, and when an opportunity presents itself, take it.   Then that is the Power Of  “Yes.”  “Yes” moves things forward.

Serving Life Documentary: A Must See

by, Kathy G. Segale Reporting from the Pacific Northwest, Kathy G. Segale guides us to OWN Network for a sneak peek at a Documentary Film entitled “Serving Life” by Forest Whitaker

In this two hour Film we go behind the scenes into a Maximum Security prison
where a Hospice program is offered to dying inmates. Healthy men […]

The YES Equation

by Christen Brown Consider the impact that words have on your emotional state. Since you think a word before you say it, you have an internal experience of each word you say. The word “yes” needs to be thought and spoken often because it activates positive power. Life is set up to help you grow […]


By Dianne Skafte, Ph.D. Our ancient ancestors trusted it. Native peoples revere it. The mysterious gift has always been with us, closer than breath and deeper than thought. But today, we often turn a cold shoulder. I am talking about intuitive knowing, the inborn ability to have hunches, gut-feelings, inner warnings, lucky instincts, presentiments of […]

Positive Business

By Nancy Fredericks Within chaos, opportunities abound. It’s tough times that truly define a person and this is certainly true in today’s business world. You have two choices. You can choose to allow current circumstances to obstruct the possibility of ‘who you can be tomorrow;’ or you can choose to recognize and respond positively to […]

Ageless and On the Ball

By Elisa ‘Wowza’ Lodge At the age of 72, people often ask me for the secret to my ageless vitality. There is one activity that has been instrumental in rejuvenating my aliveness. Rolling and bobbling on different sized balls with a dynamic vocabulary of energizing breath, sound and movement never fails to unleash a virtual […]

Smile Research

by Zack Mozes William Fry, MD reports that, “When the average kid reaches kindergarten, he or she is laughing some 300 times a day” Whereas, the average adult laughs a measly seventeen times per day. To a child everything is new and interestingly wonderful, smile worthy.