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On Camera is one of the Pacific Rim's premier media and speech training firms.

For 30 years, On Camera's experts have taught the technology of communication to thousands of executives, lawyers, authors, physicians, entertainers and athletes.

On Camera provides services for socially responsible businesses that contribute to a positive future by striving to consciously affect individuals and the environment in a beneficial way.

Our workshops give you the insight and the tools to truly motivate your audience, whether dealing with:

  • Media
  • Group presentations
  • Public speaking
  • Selling your ideas
  • Influence the behavior of others

Hands-On Approach

At On Camera, we:

  • Create real interview or speech making situations
  • Use videotape playback for message shaping and delivery skills coaching

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General Media Training

Hands-on television, radio and print format experience for company spokespersons. Line of questions is positioned. Corporate messages are formed in concise sound bites.

Crisis Management Workshop

Instruction in spokesperson techniques for media interviews during corporate emergencies. Clients are instructed in techniques to defuse false apprehension and destructive press rumors. 

Satellite Press Conference Training

Clients practice delivering messages directly to the camera and developing comfort level with an earpiece. Key messages are developed for each speaker's situation.

Author Media Coaching

Authors learn to sell their book through the media by shaping compelling sound bites and learning to answer difficult questions. Questions are opportunities to speak enthusiastically about their book.

Entertainment Media Training

Talent is instructed by media coaches for promotional media tours, satellite media tours, teleprompter, celebrity product endorsements and public appearances.


Presentation Skills Training

On Camera's seven points of power combine with preparation techniques to eliminate public speaking fears. Improving speech design and delivery skills increase the effectiveness of business presentations.

Investment Presentation Training

On Camera's Investment Presentation Services, works with executives to teach them how to present themselves most effectively to the investment community. Presentation skills positioning for startups, CEO's and management team, financial road shows, primary and secondary offerings.


Sales Training

YesWorldWide builds strong sales techniques by using rapport building skills to take a positive approach to effective sales. Our unique coaching emphasizes communication styles sales training with an accent on role playing to yield powerful results.

Personal Empowerment

This Star Quality workshop uses on camera exercises and video feedback as tools to develop personal power. We work from the inside out to show you how to remove negative blocks that get in the way of full self expression.

Interviewer/Host Workshop

Potential or on-air personalities receive coaching in Teleprompter, IFB, man-on-the-street, on the spot reporting, interviewer skills, and corporate spokesperson presentations.

Demonstration Tapes

Spokespersons or on–air personalities who have a book, product or service to represent are coached in presentation skills along with message shaping.We offer three different production levels for demonstration tapes in order to accommodate a wide range of budgets.