The Daily YES

"YES" is one of the most powerful words in the English language. Consider this, what if everything that happens to you already got a "YES"?

The Power of YES book

This is book is not currently available.

Laughing Is Good For You And Contagious

The Book


The Power of Yes: A Primer For Jumping Consciousness

This book is an antidote to today’s pessimistic news, negative thoughts and feelings of insecurity. Everyone says “be positive:” THE POWER OF YES shows you how to do it. The human mind has a pronounced negative bias which makes negativity natural—whereas positivity has to be learned. This book is filled with simple, practical tools that explain how to use better feeling thoughts and positive actions to transform your life. As Brown says, “Each of us has two lives the one we’re given and the one we create. When you say “yes” to life, life says “yes” to you.”

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