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"YES" is one of the most powerful words in the English language. Consider this, what if everything that happens to you already got a "YES"?

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Giving Back

At the beginning of 2017, as you set your intentions for this new year, remember that the Power of YES tells us to CHOOSE your best thought and your best feeling. As you regularly choose your highest and best feeling, and your highest and best thought, you’ll find you not only have more energy, but you will notice that you also have acquired a sense of gratitude. From a place of gratitude, you’ll want to share, to give back.

This year,, “What is your contribution?  How do you give back? Oor pay it forward? ”  At YES Worldwide, we have chosen a project near and dear to our hearts, helping survivors of sexual abuse speak out and find the justice they have been seeking. Our goal, through Victims Get Vocal, a non-profit 501c3, is to raise public awareness about sexual molestation crimes and how our justice system can do a better job prosecutingattackers and holding them accountable.  You can find out more about our project at  What is your contribution?
~ Christen Brown

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