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"YES" is one of the most powerful words in the English language. Consider this, what if everything that happens to you already got a "YES"?

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Choose your words carefully!

The word YES, as I’m sure you know is a way to counteract negativity. And since human beings have a pronounced negative bias, it is twice as easy to convince you something negative will happen as opposed to something positive, let’s help ourselves by saying “yes” more. Say “yes” out loud. Do you feel the […]

Positive Power

I live in a cool apartment from the 20s. Its very quaint, a bit funky, and has paper thin insulation between my second floor unit and the one below me. Last year a new tenant moved into the downstairs unit and positioned her bed directly below our stairwell leading into the apartment and below our living room. Every […]


I try and be kind of course but it’s not so easy when I get irritated. Last week while at the hairdresser with my 21 year old daughter, she helped me understand that the words may be all right but the tone falls short.  As in, “My daughter is a blonde––– those streaks you added […]


I’ve seen the research and I know that when you smile it makes you feel better but it can have the same effect on someone else. I found this out when I was being extraordinarily challenged with legal issues, and felt quite beaten down. As I was walking through the courthouse, a woman I didn’t […]

Why I believe in the positive power of YES!

I don’t think there is any point in being negative, because everything happens for a reason.  Even the difficult parts of my life have molded me into who I am.  No matter what the circumstances, I want to be the best person I can be.  The world doesn’t need any more complaining negative people, it […]

A Healing Mirror

By Christen Brown When Louise Hay was asked what is the most powerful exercise for transformation, she suggests doing mirror work.  One of my all time favorite exercises involves doing a forgiveness practice in front of a mirror.  This mirror work is covered thoroughly in my first book “Star Quality.”  Essentially what you do is […]

Positive Emotions and Your Health

By Christen Brown Positive emotions and good health have a strong link.  In a new study by the Journal of Psychological Science, we find that positive emotions affect the health of people around the world.  And, amazingly, contraty to the beliefs of researchers the study found that health and positive emotions like enjoyment, love, and […]

Saying Yes to Life

No matter what shows up in your life, when you say “yes”, you are fully in the present to receive what life is offering you.  It may not be what you want in that moment but on the other hand, it may be exactly what you need.  You can always find a yes in any […]

2017 A Year of Yes

Here’s something that is in sync with where we are going.  I thought you would enjoy this: 2017 A Year of Yes Every Good Wish, Christen

Giving Back

At the beginning of 2017, as you set your intentions for this new year, remember that the Power of YES tells us to CHOOSE your best thought and your best feeling. As you regularly choose your highest and best feeling, and your highest and best thought, you’ll find you not only have more energy, but you will notice that you also have acquired a sense of […]