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Serving Life Documentary: A Must See

olive-003-mediumby, Kathy G. Segale

Reporting from the Pacific Northwest, Kathy G. Segale guides us to OWN Network for a sneak peek at a Documentary Film entitled “Serving Life” by Forest Whitaker

In this two hour Film we go behind the scenes into a Maximum Security prison
where a Hospice program is offered to dying inmates. Healthy men who are in for life with no chance of parole are nursing their dying inmates and being given an opportunity to give back.

I was in tears watching these hardened criminals lovingly caring for their dying fellow inmates.

Trained by Hospice to perform the daily acts of living such as bathing, and toileting their fellow inmates with life limiting illnesses changes these inmates lives significantly. 
These are intimidate care giving activities, which is emotional for these men to do to one another. Some are accepting, some men, not so much. 
Over time the love and friendship come together and these two criminals become bonded to each other and accept the care and love. 

The Hospice trained inmates are able to give a gift of themselves and feel self-worth, some of them for the first time in their life. . The inmates feel that this is a way they can pay back to others for their wrongs.

Forest Whitaker said: If you allow people to nurture the light that is inside each one of us, that light can grow through compassion for others.

He says don’t give up on yourself, care for the people who are around you and see how you are touching their lives. A very inspiring story available on Own Network.

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