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dianneBy Dianne Skafte, Ph.D.

Our ancient ancestors trusted it. Native peoples revere it. The mysterious gift has always been with us, closer than breath and deeper than thought. But today, we often turn a cold shoulder.

I am talking about intuitive knowing, the inborn ability to have hunches, gut-feelings, inner warnings, lucky instincts, presentiments of the future, and senses beyond the five senses. Intuitive knowing shows the way when logic sees no way. The guidance we receive is life-giving and sometimes life-saving, especially in times of change when old rules no longer apply.

How do you receive your own intuitions? For some of us, the body is our main channel. A friend recently told me: “When I was invited to go away for the weekend, my stomach suddenly clutched into a knot. I wanted to go, but a terrible sick feeling came over me. I’m glad I stayed in town, because the next day, my teenager broke his arm.” People who are specially attuned to visceral feelings can learn to scan the body for intuitive signals. Others are more adept at getting cues from vision, hearing, or touch. Dreams often provide important messages.

Intuitive knowing also is kindled by outside events. Have you ever turned on the radio and heard a song that connected meaningfully with your thoughts at that moment? Did you ever receive a “sign” that gave you an answer, or have you opened a book at random and read words that seemed written just for you? Since the intuitive mind webs together outward and inward events, it often uses everyday experiences to deliver its messages.

In future blogs, we will explore ways to connect with intuitive knowing, including direct body experience; communications through vision, hearing, and touch; dreams and daydreams; signs, oracles, and wonders; rapport with animals and nature; psychic practices; and creative inspiration. We will share experiences of how this special kind of knowing has guided our personal lives. The intuitive gifts of our ancestors have not faded with time. They are alive and well just below the threshold of consciousness, warmly awaiting our return.