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Positive Business


By Nancy Fredericks

Within chaos, opportunities abound. It’s tough times that truly define a person and this is certainly true in today’s business world.

You have two choices. You can choose to allow current circumstances to obstruct the possibility of ‘who you can be tomorrow;’ or you can choose to recognize and respond positively to the opportunities that exist even in the midst of turmoil. Our tomorrow rises out of the decisions, actions, and thoughts we have today. For it is the internal work we do that manifests our future. So, truly the most important question to ask every day is: “Who do I choose to be?” and then take action to produce that vision into reality.

Follow these five thoughts to shed light on today’s circumstances:

    • Live in hope; not in fear. Those who make the decision to respond to life from a vision larger than today will achieve it. Opportunity driven people, rather than circumstance driven ones achieve significant, powerful lives and careers.

    • You’re it; don’t blame others. By taking charge of what you can, you will instantly and positively change how you feel about everything else in your life and how the world responds to you. It is an empowering lens to view the world.

    • Be solution driven; not stuck in the problem. In the midst of turmoil, we’re often overwhelmed by all the trouble surrounding us. That doesn’t solve anything. To mitigate current circumstances you must focus on solutions. Then don’t be surprised when one of those ideas leads you right to your desired future.

    • Be in action; others can’t rescue you. It is futile to wait for others to pick up the pieces—they’re probably too busy picking up their own pieces to be concerned with yours. The most dynamic future you can create is one that emerges out of your desires—not someone else’s.

    • Continue doing what works; even though it’s tough. You know in your heart what you need to be doing and gain confidence by getting back to basics, which opens your mind to new possibilities. Don’t stop just because you feel stuck by your current circumstances or you may lose the opportunity that will make the difference to your career.

Successful careers develop from the inside out. Without building the appropriate internal structure, you’re like a house of cards: only a breath away from disaster. No matter what your current situation or how good or bad the times, you are the owner of your career. Ultimately the choice is always yours. Don‘t allow circumstances to dictate your future. Be a person who stands secure in the midst of good times and bad, so ‘Who do you choose to be in the future?’ and ‘How do you choose to get there?’