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Tweets and Sour Moods

“Two years of Twitter posts prove pithy for social scientists.  One discovery:  We wake up chirpy, then get grumpy.”

The Los Angeles Times Newspaper had an article this past week about Twitter and moods.  It was a fascinating article about a study by Cornell University, that researched for two years about the patterns of human moods and twitter.  They researched 2.4 million people around the world and concluded that people “woke up happy but that their mood deteriorates as the day progresses.”  The purpose of the study was intended to use Twitter to study behaviors, not emotions.

Of these patterns the positive moods and behaviors in the world were in the morning and at midnight.  That morning peek came later on the weekends, when people could relax and sleep in on their days off.   Also with a change in season moods improved as days lengthened and moods got worse as the days shorten in the fall and winter.

Overall, we wake up happy, so let’s keep this positive Yes mood and establish a daily routine that can remind us to stay chipper and content throughout the day.

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